Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Part 2. Fresh Asphalt surface. Street decals.

Adding a fresh asphalt surface. Decals of stripes marking and sidewalk. Customize export to Bridge. Surface and decals settings.

Content of the video:

00:00 - 00:20 - Intro.

00:00 - 00:20 - Plane size selection.

00:20 - 1:34 - Adding asphalt surface. Download Settings. Height Intensity and adjusting small or large parts.

1:34 - 2:04 - Reflectance. Preset saving for use on other assets. Change the color of Gloss and the ability to create wet asphalt. The possibility of changing the color of asphalt with Albedo.

2:04 - 2:36 - Settings for the placement of the texture along the X and Y axes, as well as its rotation. Configuring texture tiling with Repetitions. Return to normal size. View information about the size of the Asset and the ability to open it through the online library at any time.

2:36 - 5:12 - Adding decals from the "Street" category and adjusting the offset. Settings Wrap to Base and Blend Treshold. Mixing options - Opacity Masked, From Below and From Above. Bend Edges and Opacity settings. Configure Remove Base Details to remove the details of the lower layer.

5:12 - 6:46 - Adding decals of the markup bars. View the final version of the asphalt in Working Resolution = 4K. Export to Bridge using Export To Library. The name of the Asset, the choice of category, its resolution and tags. Checking the presence of the Asset in Bridge.

6:46 - 7:20 - The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button, as well as a button for support on Patreon.

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