CG EVENT MOSCOW 2017. My history. Full version. ENG version.

Hello everyone!

So, I begin my story about how it all began and how it was for me. Yes, that's the great and beautiful CGEVENT Moscow 2017, about which I will write now ... long to write =) and maybe not for long =) Sit down comfortably, take a cup of coffee or tea, or something delicious and prepare to read = )


The beginning of the event, personally started for me on the 1st of November. It was then - I began to think about buying the tickets and booking a hotel room at the HolidayInn.
I always do everything in advance - because life has given a very good lesson for me about this. After all, closer to the date of the event or any other date - all hotel rooms are always occupied, as practice shows. Judging by the attendance of HolidayInn before the New Year, CGEVent and other holidays - it is better to make a reservation for 1-2 months earlier. And judging by the last sold-out on the event - you also need to deal with tickets. The benefit of online booking is also there. =)
In general - buying a VIP ticket and booking for a 2-bed room starting on 1 December, I warmed my heart and soul with emotions about the upcoming ...
Still it was necessary to decide - to fly by plane or to reach by train. Normal places in planes have already been bought, remained - only with a bunch of transplants .. And when the snow is coming in December - somehow this all this has a risk, because often delay the flights with this situation ... I didn't want to risk, I chose the second way - the train. More precisely - two trains =)
The 1st train to Dnepropetrovsk and the 2nd to Moscow.

In general, the all tickets are bought. Epic day is coming.
Since every day - I'm filled with a flow of interesting creativity from 8.00 to 20.00, then all days until November 30 - flew quickly.
The most interesting thing is that the closer the trip became to the conference , the more orders I received =) All urgently wanted my time and sent letters =))
Even before the trip to the event, I refused a trip to work in France =) All the familiar girls - said that I'm very crazy man, and personally I'll write later in the blog - Did I regret or not=) Why I did so and to what it led =) In the end of the report is sure to write about it =)

November 30 began with a rise at 3 am. In the street there was a terrible ice. Before entering the taxi, I almost got myself killed. The car barely arrived and barely drove us to the railway station .. And there began an even more extreme adventure. It seemed to me - I forgot how to walk, in one place of my body is pressed so that as if you go on the edge of the roof of a skyscraper .. Just crawling .. It is unreal slippery. As a result - when we climbed to the platform and the kind uncle wanted to help .. Everything ended - first by the severe fall of my grandmother, then me and of course the uncle, whom she pulled for herself. =) It was fun. Especially when they couldn't get up, for it's very slippery .. The time of the train departure was getting closer and closer ... And then I'm very grateful to my grandmother who likes to come for 1h-2h earlier =) We win time very much in that case and don't get nervous that we'll be late. And in life - everything happens.

Moscow met us with wonderful and snowy weather. In the hotel at the reception - waiting for the cute girls who quickly completed everything and finally at 14.00 I was already in the room. A view from the window on the 12th floor pleased the eye =)

I love panorama and height =) Since I arrived at the hotel on the 1st of December, and the conference will started on December 2 - There was still no one on the place of the event. There was absolutely another conference about the Glaucoma =) There were interesting uncle-professors, a lot of graduate students and other wonderful people =)
Somewhere at 6 pm I went downstairs and met the first special forces - volunteers, technical directors - Lesha and Lyuba, as well as a good wizard who gives us this fairy tale - Sergei Tsyptsyn and the people without whom it would have been harder for him to organize all of this - Sergei Spiridonov and Marina Trushina =) I think you will understand about who I speak now when you will look at the closing of the conference in the video which I will upload in the end of this post
If you still don't know - who is Sergei Tsyptsyn, then I propose to see a great interview with him, which was recently posted on youtube.

My selfie with him =)

After that - began to run through the halls to analyze the situation and know what to record =)
Then, a little later came Skif - Alexander Kyshtymov (Wizart Animation) and we were so carried away by the communication that we forgot about the selfie =) And there was drawn on the horizon - the legend of CG Event and a very nice girl who doesn't miss a single conference - Irina Balina = ) Communication has become even more interesting =) Finally I met her =)
You know, the atmosphere of the event before the opening is special, cozy =) Very valuable moments when you do not need to hang around all the halls and you can safely chat about life, about CG and everything else.
While we sat chatting - the event was already leaved. Here are some photos.
Here is the commander-in-chief of a volunteer squad - Lesha gives instructions to the special forces =)

Sergey photographed the organization of our own reception =)

The boys are dancing on the bar. Still nothing has begun, and already - it is cheerful =)

Meeting Room =) Volunteers are discussing the Lesha Brief all the way =)

Sergei enlightens volunteers.

Also I always like to make unique pictures before the beginning. For the photos after the beginning and when the halls are already full - you can see it from the others.

ChaosGroup - since Corona and Vray united, here at the stand one could meet representatives of both companies.

CGAllies - invited guests of the conference and my friends. A lot of cool reports from them. 

Паровоз - the guys who made many cute cartoons

Салют - 7The team of the film that made the report about it. Here at the stand you could talk with them. Fees for the film - $ 13mln. Of the actors who were in the film, I know Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko. The event was visited by the VFX team and the report described and depicted the stages of the birth and maturation of the film. You can read the all info about command here

Lenvo, Wacom. The guys had a steep stand with VR glasses and a contest in which these points were the prize. Lenovo also brought powerful laptops, on which hosted various kinds of competitions.

CGFVery cool special effects studio, which gave us this films "Елки", "Время первых", "Высоцкий. Спасибо, что живой", "Напарники", "Викинг", a clip of Leningrad "Кольщик", "Он - дракон" and a bunch of awesome movies. The entire list is available here. On this stand it was possible to see the development studio project - Nimble  - the first automatic system for capturing and transferring the facial expressions of a person to a 3D character, made in Russia and focused on the production of animated and feature films. More details can be read here. The guys showed in realtime how the capture and transfer of emotions from a real person to the face of a 3d character takes place. The technology is impressive.

CGEVENT stand for selfie - a famous stand, near which everyone make selfie.


The main hall - everything is just beginning =) not the all stands are assembled.

Cinema4D - representatives of the company Maxon, talked about the new version of Cinema4D.

Social Quantum - here, too, was interesting =) anyone could sit on comfortable sofas and draw invited models =) The company gave out a bunch of gifts. And on the screen, the advertising of the company's games was showing

Magic_CG и Asterman. I think everyone knows this magazine and the company. Who doesn't know - click on links =)

Playrix. Here were given apples and all kinds of CG-things. The company's games are famous all over the world. It was possible to sit on comfortable sofas and chat with the team =) Discuss the vacancies and cooperation.

Unity - here was the representation of the developers of this engine. You could ask questions and talk with Matthew Mueller, who was reporting on the creation of Adam on Unity from scratch.

MirballRender  - renderfarm stand.

Smirnov School  - here you could talk with Vanya Smirnov about his school, creativity, and talk with the creator of the CGSPEAK channel, Alexei Melnikov.

VFX LAB - representatives of the steep CG school. Each teacher of the School is an active CG artist with at least 5 years of experience working on projects of the highest complexity. Every employee of the School somehow comes into contact with the production of computer graphics and perfectly navigates in the subject.

RealTime School - another steep school about CG from Sergei Tsyptsyn. Since the foundation of the school of computer graphics RealTime School in 1999, more than 10 000 specialists from all over Russia and countries of near and far abroad have been trained. More than 1 000 corporate clients entrusted us with the training of their employees, including Yandex, Mail.Ru, Coca-Cola, Artemii Lebedev Studio, Gazprom, Aeroflot, Lukoil, Abbyy, Beeline, Kamaz , STS-Media, NTV, REN-TV, Soyuzmultfilm.

AMD Ryzen - this guys brought the most powerful systems to work with the new AMD Ryzen chip. But the minecrafters certainly launch their MineCraft =))

Many stickers for selfie =)

Meeting room for volunteers

Artbooks and other CG literature. Man is beginning to disassemble the boxes =) There are a lot of them.

The first hall, not yet connected, is before the event.

When I finished the making photos from stands and calmed down, I continued the conversation with Skiff, Irina Balina, Dimson3d, who came closer to the end of the evening, and also met Ana Buravleva - texture artist from Wizart Animation =) This studio did the awesome cartoons "Wolves and Sheeps" and "Snowy queen "

Conversation with all was dragged on till 12 midnight =) We talked about everything. Starting from travel, ending with music and meditations =) It was fun! I thank everyone for these sincere conversations =)
This is the end of my first day before the start of the event. Ahead - 2 bombed days, filled with emotions, cool acquaintances, impressions and stunned reports on different CG topics.Finally, before going to bed, I took photo from the evening view and inspired went to sleep.


So it was December 2 and the first day of CG EVENT.
Today I have to visit a lot of reports, make a lot of new acquaintances and get unforgettable emotions.


In the morning I met my business partner - Tom Grimes at the stand of my friends Chaos Group. He is a specialist in marketing in the Render Legion. In short, he promotes the Corona, writes blogs on their website and publishes cool interviews with users of Corona Renderer. By the way, they will soon publish an interview with me =) Literally 2 months ago we met. since I started a partnership with the whole team =) So I knew that he would be at CGEvent =) An interesting guy with an Irish accent =) I enjoyed chatting with him in English about Corona, about life and the future of the company =) Many buns are cooking to the fans =) But about this a little later, when I get to the report. Of course - I did a selfie =)

Since I had a lot of recording and I had to think only about them, I immediately ran to the registration desk to get my cherished badge-pepper =) At the same time I also worked as a journalist for the application =) And as it turned out later - not in vain =) many people approached to me and said "thank you" =)
At the registration stand it was still quiet =) Cute girls only collected 3d-bags and filled them with cg-things. Since my head was packed with a bunch of ideas for filming, I somehow didn't think to photo them  =) I made photo only of the general view =) But the good, I found this photo in the network, Olga Pavlova made a great photo with the girls who made the registration =) Olya thank you for this = )

In general - I received my cherished VIP - badge and 3D-bag. Below the pictures of all this good =) nice things, but this isn't the most important thing at the event =) 

Handle, notepad and pencil from Playrix

Card CG_Nishtyaki. Filled specifically for participation in Autodesk Quest. It was necessary to find 5 speeches in the event program, which tagged with Autodesk logo and visit them. At each of the performances, the participant received a special stamp. Who collected five stamps - received a token with the Autodesk logo and participated in the prize draw =) By the way, in my previous report for 2013 somewhere around here in the blog - you can see this token =) 

Naturally this year, as I said - I didn't participate, because I changed my participation in competitions - to communicate with people. Before the start of the event, I was going to participate, but then came the insight - that communication is more important .. that I come to the event for communication, new acquaintances and impressions. As my friend says: "We often pursue the material, forgetting for the spiritual." So I refused many competitions in order to communicate more with important people =) Aahha =) Still does not work =) People are many =) And the stars of the reports =) Have to break, feel some guilt for not having communicated with someone, or even all communication was two words, when you run past - you smile and wave, and further on-next =) Of course, there is AfterParty, which this year was very cool according to the people present on it, but I didn't take part in it - for some reason) postponed to next year =) I hope I will be invited again =) Go ahead.

3D-package in which everything was.

A smart program that is getting bigger and bigger =)

Badges of peppers. One was given on registration, another was given by friends from ChaosGroup. Pleasant trifle.

Pensil Rubber

A bunch of promotional brochures.

Special issue of the Magic CG magazine.

In fact, there were a lot of cool things on the stands - yoyo, sweets, apples, T-shirts, notebooks, pens, coffee on the Lenovo stand. Oh, I can not remember everything =) But, as I said, my head was busy with video shootings and the time was spent more on communication than on studying stands =) I now study them from the video =))

So, as soon as I got the all of this stuff in the 3D package - I ran on to shoot the material. Running by the ChaosGroup stand this time - I met Alex =) If I'm not mistaken, thanks to him Max Riess came to the conference, who has been working in the vfx industry for more than 10 years and he was the one who conducted the report on "The Game of Thrones" =) Naturally, I made a selfie with Alex =) And here's another acquaintance in the piggy bank =) 

On the clock - almost 9.00, which means that soon there will be a registration and at 10.30 the opening of the conference. Hooray! =) Booths slowly became animated, the halls were filled with people and near the registration the crowd grew and grew =)

Another photo with my friends =)

While the crowd is being registered, Sergei is testing the Nimble system at the CGF stand.

Before the opening, I managed:

Make the selfie with WorldSkillsRussia team and with texture artist from the Wizart Animation Anna near the stand of CGAllies  group.

Make selfie with my friends Dimson3d, Irina Balina and texture artist Anna from the Wizart Animation

Make selfie with my friend Arman Yahin from the MainRoadPost which gave us the amazing cinema "Attraction" 

Made a photo from the hall, when everyone was just assembled =) On the screen, twisted stunned reels of the different studios, and at the computer sat Mathieu Muller and prepared his report about the Unity

So, 10:30 - The opening has solemnly begun. My friend and organizer of all this - Sergei Tsyptsyn came on the scene - I took a few photos. Separate gratitude to him for the fact that during his speech he allowed to go on stage and make a video =)

SwordLord photo from the other view.

Sergey talked a lot about VR, neural networks, showed a video for those who still didn't understand what is CGEVENT and what it's eaten =) Why all gathered here =) He showed a cool movie in the Mario style from the event in St. Petersburg. And of course the awesome CGEVENT screensaver that was made in After Effects. He talked about how we used to watch 16 years ago the computer animated cartoon Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

"A render farm consisting of 960 workstations was tasked with rendering each of the film's 141,964 frames. It took a staff of 200 about four years to complete The Spirits Within." 

After this phrase, Sergey introduced us to Mathieu Muller, the developer of Unity, who started his report about making movies on their engine from scratch.
In other rooms, there were chic reports in parallel. You can see the whole program here

We were shown three parts of Adam, the second and third of which was directed by "District # 9", "Robot named Chappi" and the creator of OatLabs studio, which launched a stunned channel on Youtube.

Here they are.

The third part was shown exclusively. That is, it was not on the Internet yet =) And after the show, it appeared there =)
`Do you know what makes you so incredibly impressive? =) Matthew launches the first part of the movie, and then says: "Guys, do you understand that this is all realtime?" And takes turns the camera, approaches the robot, twirls the camera, changes the lighting ... And it's all on the one his laptop =) it's clear, that to achieve steep effects, after all, you need several servers on the render farm to take a super cool quality, but you also understand that any shot doesn't need to be resampled 1000 times and done for years? That is right now, the director wanted to make a sunset or make raining - a couple of minutes of work and that's all! =) This is Real-time! This is the future!
Until Adam, I was skeptical about the engines =) But now, when Vray, Octane is being implemented in Unreal Engine and Unity, when you can make movies "on your knee" - I look at it all differently. Yes, there are pitfalls, but that's just the beginning =) It's enough to remember how everyone couldn't even think that such a movie would be spinning without rendering in Realtime on one powerful laptop that you can buy at the store =) and which is practically everyone can afford =)
Selfie with Mathieu Muller

On the clock 12.00 and begins the report "The Dark Tower. Forces of Good and Evil. Composers "from my friend Vlad Akhtyrsky, who is the head of the compositing department at MPC Vancouver.

Of course, I managed to do a selfie with Vlad before the report.

Vlad talked about special effects in this film.

Of course, nothing could be recorded, since the NDA. We saw the secret shots from the film, how they combined the filming files with 3d and turned it into a beautiful picture.
Vlad, as always - tells about all very interesting and detailed. I especially liked the presentation and slides. I watched the all with my mouth open, as compositing for me is a dark forest =)
Insanely interesting report about the film.
After the report, I managed to get busy animated stands, and Skif helped me with this, because I also ran with the camera and shot the video in parallel, and SwordLord did the pictures =) So start with the animated stands and then move on to everything else =)
A lot of beautiful girls, both among the community stands, and among the participants =) I am glad that our sphere is filled with a girls, which also strives to develop in it. By the way, in contests - more winners among the girls =)
So =)
Social Quantum

The pictures from the contest on this stand.

The crowd near the stand was big =)

and how without beautiful cuties who joyfully welcomed everyone who came to their stand.

On the Playrix stand give apples and all sorts of CG-things. And also draws a robot arm.

Skif does a tattoo with the Maya text.

More photos =)


At 14.00 - I ran to the report on my favorite film "Attraction" - Full CG.
At the same time, there were a lot of reports that could be viewed in the recording - that's why I spent time talking, recording video, posting photos in the application and marathon throughout the conference in search of those with whom I didn't have time to talk. =)
Тут телефон запиликал и я в потоке информации вспомнил о том, что в 15.30 начинается обалденный доклад моего друга Jama Jurabaev  - VR Concept Art - from ILM. London.

Then  I remembered about the report at 3:30 pm from my friend Jama Jurabaev - VR Concept Art - from ILM begins. London.
I have long dreamed of getting on his reports and presentations, and also get to know in real life. I'm a fan of Jama's creativity and I really like his approach to teaching, creating works, etc. etc =)
Naturally, I managed to talk to him before the conference and make a selfie. Very interesting and creative-crazy person, who gets ideas every second =)

Oh, guys =) What I'm going to write about isn't comparable to the sensations of presence on his reports =)
Jama is a very interesting and cool speaker =) He knows when to insert humorous jokes in time, when to be serious, how to convey to people the essence and he is very sincere with the public. On the report he discussed his way to the cherished goal of becoming a cool concept artist in the cinema, as no one believed in him and foretold only one fate of the Tajik. How he tormented by the director during the creation of concepts for "King Kong" and "Beauty and the Beast", as well as other cool films. And every minute - jokes, which made people laugh in the whole room and it was very interesting to listen to everything. It inspires, motivates and makes you think about many things. At what - he tells everything so simply that everything is clear, everything is laid out on the shelves.
Then Jama began to show the wonderful magic of creativity in VR.
Oh, what a cool thing! This is probably dreamed of by many sculptors and concept artists - for many years. And now - it's all available here and now. Impressions to goosebumps
By the way, here are a few clips of his creations in VR.

On the Artstation you can find even more. Click here
Just jaw hanging from the possibilities! You put on VR glasses and start creating like a wizard.
Everyone are Impressed and after left the report - continued talking with Jama =) The crowd grew bigger and bigger.

Everyone asked a lot of interesting questions and the conversation dragged on for a long time. In parallel, I managed to talk with Arseny Korablev about PolyBrush, about its opportunities and cooperation. Space software, which I still have to try and understand =) Of course I made selfie.

Then I made a selfie with my friends - Toodie and Victor Titov

Inspired by everything, I went to the room to plan the next day of the event, to put notes, to mark reports on which I want to be and sleep, gain strength =) A busy Sunday ahead and a lot of new acquaintances, cool reports. GAME OF THE THRONES =))
Thank you for reading this whole interesting flow of text to the end =)


Wow, what was yesterday ... Stunned =) Yes, that's how Sunday begins after Saturday at CGEVENT =)
Morning, 7 a.m. I look out the window from the 12th floor. Snowing. Emotions go up, I try to archive the all information that accumulated in my brain for yesterday. 
By the way, according to official statistics - this year there were 2400 people. It's a success =) Although, I write all this text so that next year there are 5,000 of them. Do you know why? Motivation for Sergei to invite even more awesome people =) And so that companies understand how the event becomes worldwide event and they themselves wanted to come to it - without an invitation.
For example, Otoy, Pixologic, Marek Denko, Artstation with their block, Blizzard, VFX team of "Walking Dead", Oculus with their glasses and a big stand for everyone to draw in the programs that Jama Jurabaev showed on this event =) More awesome people from Hollywood, Riot Games , Rockstar, the creators of Stranger Things, or rather the Aaron Sims Creative =) Unreal Engine Stand, Allegorithmic, EphereMegascans RedshiftIToo SpeedTreeWorldCreator so I can list a lot, but I'll probably stop =) I understand that all this is possible and so it will be =)
I see how Sergei and his team are trying to make the event better for us. Every second of the event my emotions went off scale. And now, right now - the music playing in my head from the Game of Thrones, Star Wars =) Do you understand what I'm getting at? This year Sergei made an incredible! At the same time he invited so cool people that I didn't believe my eyes at first - when I read the program. Yesterday - I was very charged with emotions, but today I think they will be even more.
But these emotions are waiting for me further, and now I need to run down and shoot, shoot, shoot again =))
On the clock 9 a.m. I was sitting near the CGAllies stand and waiting for friends =) All the same it was not necessary to run for registration or for the opening - so you could relax a little =)
And then Ilya Shelementsev came up first. =) He had a report with Evgenii Park about the HardSurface. Yes, yes, this is Ilya, who works in Nvidia with Gavriil Klimov.
After about 5 minutes Pavel Terekhov came up =)

I wished the guys good luck in the performance and ran on. We planned to do selfie later
Running past the Wacom stand, I saw that same sex symbol Wolverine with styluses instead of spikes =) about whom Sergey spoke at the opening. His name is Timofei Trefilov

Made selfie with him.

By the way, at the Wacom stand - two days in a row there were battles for the drawing and speedsculpt with excellent prizes.
About awarding at the close - I'll tell you, and the video from there will be uploaded in the end of this post =) And some other surprise in the form of invited guest waiting for us =)
On the clock was 11.30 a.m and the report about the "Star Wars" began, which could not be recorded. It is because of this report, since the morning - the hall was full =)

Before the report, I made the selfie with Sergei and Victor Perez

And of course I made the photo with crowd. The whole room was full =) Many people sat on the floor. Quality is certainly not very good because I hurried to not distract Victor.

While Windows was being updated, Victor talked about how he started his journey. As a brother, he showed him Photoshop for the first time and he was already making an interesting photo montage that impressed others. Emotionally talked about the first cameras and the history of compositing. Since Victor by nationality is a Spaniard, gestures were constantly =) Very classy and funny guy. Enough many funny stories told.
Before the start of the most important report on the "Star Wars", Victor put the coveted box =) And he said: "Fly! There are exclusive pencils with my autograph, which are released in a limited edition. "
I got one =) Yeah =)

And as soon as Windows updated, he showed the new Nuke and before he started the story about "Star Wars", showed his personal project. About which I'll write just below. The project was called "Echo"
To understand how emotional Victor is, you can see his performance on TED.

Victor Perez is a senior visual effects artist with over 20 years of production experience in computer graphics and visual effects along different countries. He’s considered a NUKE™ guru and has been official certified as a Master by Foundry®. Starting his career as photographer and digital compositing artist with eventual collaborations as 2D technical director he developed a fine combination of both artistic and technical understanding of film postproduction and visual effects from a photorealistic point of view. Member of the prestigious Visual Effects Society (V.E.S.) and an usual collaborator of the world renowed Nukepedia, where he has been recognised as one of the most valuable contributors. Victor has worked and researched with Oscar® winner studios such as Double Negative, Cinesite and Union between others. His researches in the VFX field have been published with Fxphd and Cmivfx and acclaimed by the audiences world wide, Victor has taught master classes at studios and schools around the world including Pixar Animation Studios. His film credits include ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (Dir. Christopher Nolan, 2012), ‘Rouge One: A Star Wars Story’ (Dir. Gareth Edwards, 2016), ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows’ (Dir. David Yates, 2010), ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ (Dir. Rob Marshall, 2011), ‘127 Hours’ (Dir. Danny Boyle, 2010), and many others.

In 2015 Victor Perez started his career as a director with the short film ‘Another Love’ which he wrote and directed receiving more than 27 awards and nominations in more than 60 film festivals around the world including the Festival de Cannes. His upcoming short film ‘Echo’ will be released next summer.

Trailer of the movie "Another Love"
His forthcoming short film "Echo" will be released next summer.
Трейлер фильма.

Victor talked in detail about it and work in Nuke, showed the all nodes, and there they were - oh-oh =) He told us about how he made a speck of blood on clothes turning into a big spot. He told us a lot of interesting information about the shooting, and also showed a bunch of shots of this project. Impressive, very impressive! Bravo!
Now, I think you understand why I didn't believe before the visit of the report that this is reality and he really came =)) Great man, cool man and composer magician =)
Despite all the achievements, he behaves very sincerely and simply with the public - it deserves respect.
A cool report, motivating to much.
At the clock was 12.30 p.m and I needed to run to the report about Plastic anatomy and self-education, as I promised to Maria Panfilova - make a selfie before her report =) At the event I had such a tradition =)
While I was waiting for Masha, I met the other speakers from the CGAllies and made a selfie with them.

And ofcourse - selfie with Maria Panfilova


Other photos from the event.

Margarita Shaposhnikova, my friend and groomer in Wizart Animation, draws something interesting in VR at the Lenovo stand.

I made a selfie with a cool concept-artist from the Hollywood Andrei Riabovitchev and texture artist from the Wizart Animation - Anya.

Selfie with my friends - Wizart AnimationDimson3d и Владом Константиновым (SwordLorld) 

Selfie with my friend from ChaosGroup
chatted about the future of Vray, my channel on Youtube, got a cool t-shirt.

Selfie with CGALLIES team

My friends - Alex from the ChaosGroup amd Thomas Grimes from the Render Legion 

"Hey, don't disturb me, let me paint" Margarita participates in the contest at the stand of Wacom

Olga Pavlova creates something creative in VR for the contest  at the Lenovo stand

Yo-yo from the Playrix

The girls from the registration stand laugh with a fun cute joke from the AMD man, whom made it with a coin. Vladimir Zabelin caught his bait =) When I will upload a video, you will understand what I mean =)

After the all races, marathons and photo shoots, I flew to the charismatic Kalina Panteleyeva's speech about V-Ray Next, where she talked about Vray 4, Vray for Unreal Engine and other cool things for the fans. =) Although Kalina's report will be in the recording - I still wanted to get on it, because I wanted to listen to her in live.
From the novelties that I remember:

  1. The new VrayHairMtl is similar to CoronaHair. It became really cool and realistic.
  2. New DomeLight, accelerating the work of Vray
  3. Auto Exposure and white balance
  4. Accelerated IPR
  5. Full compatibility with Corona, no converter.
  6. Improved VrayGPU, which renders cleaner lighting and now supports Environment Fog and VRScans
  7. Updated Vray Camera
  8. New Material Switch
  9. New materials VrayPlugin and VrayPluginTex, which allow you to render materials or textures from VrayStandalone
  10. Added Denoiser to render elements
  11. Improved VraySDK
The report was very interesting and cheerful. Very charismatic girl =)
After Kalina, Adam Hotovy appeared on the stage and told about the merger of Render Legion and Chaos Group as a sacred oath during the marriage and that it isn't necessary for the fans of both products to worry much.

After all, unification will make both products much better. By the way, I didn't doubt, and didn't understand the indignation, negative feedback from the people =) After all, after the merger - we finally got very steep hair and skin shader in Corona, Vray 4 also got a lot of new and cool functions. This is the joy =) Why so much anger? None of the products will die.
The cool thing is that starting with the next versions - Vray and Corona will be fully compatible. No converter! Just take and open the Vray scene in Corona and vice versa. At any time, at any stage of production - you can safely take and change the render =) It's cool!
Adam Hotovy showed a very funny picture at the end of his speech and invited to the next report, which will be a little later about Corona Render.

Kalina, in turn, called for the next report on the Vray GPU
Oh guys, he really became very cool. =) And I feel - begins to step on the heels of Octane and Redshift.
And then, Sergei came out and announced a cool guest with Pixomondo, who came thanks to Alex from the ChaosGroup - Max Riess.
WHAT? HOW? =) Yes, when I saw in the announce "The Game of Thrones" - at first I also didn't believe my eyes until that moment =) I'm a fan of this series and what the Pixomondo team does. Always with pleasure I watch all their reels.

Emotions were big, tears almost didn't roll from my eyes =) I already had a roof bang from Victor Perez, about which I told in the previous part, but it was another cool gift from CGEVENT =)
Max Reiss has been working in the vfx industry for over 10 years. After starting as a 3D generalist for commercials in Frankfurt he moved to Los Angeles to focus more on Mattepainting and Compositing. Since 2015 he is back again in Germany and has worked on projects like Game of Thrones, The Fate of the Furious and recently IronSky 2.

At this moment, Max Riess - VFX Supervisor/Art Director in Pixomondo.
Naturally - all of this won't be in the record and we were shown exclusive materials from the filming of "Games of Thrones-7". And also - a new cool reel.
During the presentation, there were revelations about how to create really complex VFX-shots. What you need to collect the all elements of the shots together and draw it from the concept / layout to the final render.
Epic Report! Goosebumps on the skin were. You sit and really have a buzz from viewing the all most interesting on the big screen.
When they showed the dragon in all its glory .. ahah, I was shocked =) I haven't seen so many manipulators for rigs and detailed elaboration of details.
A very funny moment with the birds, which everywhere had to be inserted for the right scale and the fuss with them was very much. =)
In general, the presentation is very impressive. Satisfied with madness.

Thanks to Alex from ChaosGroup for inviting Max and Sergey - for organizing this whole holiday.
A selfie with Max Riess

And then he was surrounded by fans and we started asking a lot of questions.

The crowd grew bigger and bigger =)

Then I ran to the report on Corona Renderer, because I wanted to ask one question about the Displacement in CoronaLayeredMtl - in person, and not on the forum =) and just support new friends =)
Adam talked about new features in Corona 3dsmax, and Tom Grimes - about Corona for Cinema4D. By the way, now it's absolutely free.
From the report, I realized that the Render Legion are trying to make Corona even easier on the settings, that is, in fact - remove them altogether. Since there are a lot of users on the forums are still searching for the coveted settings that will help speed up the render, and after all everything with standard settings - works as it should =)
Also released Corona Standalone, which can be rendered outside of 3dsmax. And this will speed up the render by 20%. That is, if you compile a scene in 3dsmax, close it and go to Corona Standalone - the rendering will be much faster, as Adam himself said - 3dsmax have the old architecture which slowing down the render. He even showed a graphic comparison.
The next versions of Corona will be numbered in whole numbers, since indeed with each new version - they make big changes and include a lot of cool chips.
From the audience there was a question about the Proxy and Adam really confirmed that it reduces the consumption of RAM and accelerates the render.
Also people asked about the caustic that won't be worked out =) To which Adam replied: "We are developing a very cool algorithm and we don't want to add slow caustics now, like everyone else."
Corona Scatter has been improved and it will become a separate plug-in that will work with other renderers.
On my question about Displacement in CoronaLayeredMtl, which works only in the base slot - Adam replied that they don't know when it will be finalized. Since this algorithm was developed by the Weta Digital programmer and they are waiting for him to finalize it. It is much easier to wait than to do everything from scratch. But 2D Displacement from Vray will add in the near future.
By the way, Render Legion told me how to solve my question with the help of Mix cards - so in one of the questions or lessons on my channels - I'll definitely figure it out.
После выступления, я сделал селфи с Адамом и Томом, а также с фанатами, которые задавали им вопросы =)

Selfie with Adam and Tom and with the Corona fans =)

In general, I got an interesting report and I was glad to get acquainted with them.
And once again I saw that the combination of Vray and Corona commands is good news =) and don't get upset =)


In parallel, in another room, there was a awesome report for fans of Marvel - Thor: Ragnarok from the FrameStore studio. The recording wasn't conducted, but I didn't get to the report - unfortunately =)

At 6 p.m it's time to run to the close of the conference and listen to the future of visual content from my friend Alexander Lavrov, to everyone already familiar to Sergei Tsyptsyn, Lenovo, Intel. and of course the main guest of Fyodor Bondarchuk with another interesting person, Alexander Andryushchenko
Pleasant news =) The appearance of Fedor was a bit unexpected =) I'm just a fan of his films and was a bit shocked =)
They talked about artificial intelligence, about VR, about incomprehensible trash trends on youtube, which are mentioned in this video:

Sergei showed a funny trash movie about the minions, who scored 30 million views. Trash full =) By the way the channel in general - 888 millions !! Get out of my mind =)

And I also showed how the neural network learned to play DOOM without Game Over =) First, it lost, and then - already carried all. Self-learning is impressive.

Also, Fyodor and Alexander talked about the new school of cinema, again they talked a lot about neural networks and when all the same our cinema will become steeper than Hollywood =)

Near me was sitting Alexandr Lipilin from the MainRoadPost

Photo with Fedor Bondarchuk.

After the selfie with Bondarchuk, I returned to the closing to record the rest of the material.
First, Alexander and Olga Milovsky took to the stage and announced the winner of 3D-Battle.
The prize is this LG 4K Monitor.

Then there was a raffle of tickets for the next event among the other participants of the battle.

Then came Kontsevich Yuri and announced the winners of 3D SpeedSculpt from CGAllies and presented the coolest artbooks, as well as the main prize - a prize certificate for free printing from a photopolymer of 100 cubes from! 
After that, Lenovo called the winner of their VR Competition, which so flew for the prize that flew to VR =) and danced us a breakdance. Prize - VR helmet from Lenovo.

Then Sergei conducted the vote, the louder the shouting and clapping - the greater the chances of winning for picture from the participants in the Wacom tournament with the theme of Peppers-X
The winner received an awesome tablet with the ability to scan a picture on plain paper and then synchronize it with the computer - continuing drawing, for example, in the same Photoshop.

For the second place, which was also taken by a girl from St. Petersburg - Sergey presented the coolest video card from AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100

After that, Sergey presented CG-Nichyaks to Autodesk-Quest participants - cool books and cups, as well as training at Real-time school, any course to choose from.

Furious farewell, emotions, applause =) So the event came to an end.

I shook hands with Sergei and I managed to make a Selfie with Kontsevich Yuri =)

Then - I ran to the room and in the elevator, unexpectedly met Alexander Milovsky =) Made a selfie with him.

In the begining of this post - I promised to answer for this question - Did I regret that I refused to travel to France for work. =)
So =)
I didn't regret about this trip. And do you know why? Because the event is much steeper! I think you saw it for yourself after reading my big report.
It was the trip to the event in 2013 which changed my life, gave me many new acquaintances and useful links. It was thanks to it that I became what I am now ... After 2013, I had to go through much and couldn't get to the conference in 2014, 2015, 2016. Then moving to Thailand, then moving to Batumi, then somewhere else =) ) Constantly there were hindrances and issues that had to be solved and didn't manage to come ... but damn! This time I was crazy and told myself - that's all! No travel, travel, adventure. I'll be at the conference - why wouldn't it cost me. And here =)) The result of my trip - you saw =)
What the event gives allows you to travel to all countries, not just visit France =) A lot of connections with cool companies and a lot of emotions that cost a lot more.
As many stars as I saw in the CGEVENT sky, I have never met in my life. Now, I think - every year to have such a trip to dramatically change my life =)) So many people, so many acquaintances, people I already know .. oh, I had a premonition of this long text and yes, I have not calmed down =) ahead - video =)

Thanks to Sergei, we get a fairy tale in which you swim for 2 more weeks, which you want to return to every year =) Emotions go off scale and the event is a strong spiritual development that motivates you to change your life for the better.
Guys, everyone was happy to see. You're all cool! So many interesting personalities. =) The next year - I'll make myself clones, so as to communicate more with everyone =)
Thank you for reading the all parts =) I was pleased to share the all emotions.
I hope I inspired you for a trip next year =) See you there!
Peace for all!
Best regards, Andrew aka Charly