Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Part 1. Introduction.

In this video, I'm talking about the new Quixel Mixer and Bridge. I show the program interface and the basic settings. Also, I am talking about the import of PBR material from the Poliigon website.

Video content:

00:00 - 00:18 - Intro

00:18 - 00:54 - A few words about what will be discussed in this tutorial and where to download the new applications - Quixel Mixer and Bridge.

00:54 - 01:57 - The first launch of the Quixel Mixer and its configuration. Create a new mix.

01:57 - 2:12 - The File menu

2:12 - 2:24 - Edit menu and program settings.

2:24 - 4:05 - Library menu and import of PBR material from the Poliigon website by using the Import Custom Surface option.

4:05 - 4:25 - Help and Experimental menu. Create a normal map from the all layers.

4:25 - 5:12 - Viewport tab, display different PBR textures, enable Displacement, Tile and HDRi selection.

5:12 - 5:48 - The right menu. Layers tabs, Settings and Working Resolution settings, PBR Workflow. The Display tab. Change the Background of the view, adjust the Light Intensity and Light Rotation. Quality of shadows and Field of view. Quality of Tessellation. Draw Backfaces and Anti Aliasing options.

5:48 - 6:11 - Perfomance and tab settings Tweaking Downsample, High Quality Blur and Fast Paint Preview.

6:11 - 7:00 - The Export tab. Preset for exporting texture maps.

7:00 - 7:54 - Local Library tab. Categories, types of display and setting the size of icons. Search by tags.

7:54 - 8:23 - Online Tab. Categories and subcategories.

8:23 - 9:37 - About the interface of Quixel Bridge.

9:37 - 10:09 - The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button, as well as a button for support on Patreon.

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