Hello everyone! I created this blog to post the all my 3d turorials which I make for free on my youtube channel.

All of them is absolutely free.
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World Creator 2. Filter Distribution Properties. Mixing types. Flatten and Noise filters.

In this video we will talk about Filter Distribution Properties, Blending Operations, Noise, Height, Slope and Angle Select options. About Relative to Ocean option. About viewport optimization during working with filters with MultiFrame Generation option and about two filters - Flatten and Noise.

World Creator 2. Seamless. Fractal Noise. Edit Curve. Filters and Toggle Heatmaps option.

In this video we will talk about Seamless, Fractal Noise Properties, Edit Curve, Edit Offsets, Filters tab and the first filter in it - Curve Filter, and also about the Toogle Heatmaps to display a visual map of the effect of filters on the terrain.

NVIL. Closing of the line. Circularize. Separation and joining. Vertex relax.

In this video we will speak about the closing of the line, the Circularize tool to create a circular guide shape, the separation and joining, and the relaxation of the vertexes after the retopology.

How to create a Multi-Displacement map in the CoronaLayeredMtl?

In this video we will talk about how to create a Multi-Displacement in the CoronaLayeredMtl with CoronaMix, CoronaColor and Noise maps.

NVIL. Add mesh to the Retopo Reference List. Draw Mesh tool and drawing guides.

In this video, we'll talk about adding mesh to the Retopo Reference List, about the new awesome tool for retopology which named Draw Mesh Tool and drawing guides by using a Draw mode in it. We will set the snaping on vertexes, we will assign the material for the retopo object's. Let's analyze the ways of drawing lines in a straight line and diagonally, and also construct new guides from the points obtained at the intersection. Let's try the AutoWeld tool in action.

World Creator 2. Navigation, landscape and texture size. Tools.

In this video, we'll talk about navigation, changing the size of the terrain and texture, and a little bit about the right and left toolbars in World Creator 2.