Hello everyone! I created this blog to post the all my 3d turorials which I make for free on my youtube channel.

All of them is absolutely free.
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Corona hair shader. The secret of realistic hair creation. Adjustment of the different shaders.

In this video, we'll talk about the new shader for realistic hair rendering - Corona Hair Mtl and how it's easy to get different hair shaders.Let's talk about how to create black hair, blonde, brunette, gray hair and a gradient overflow.

Redshift Portal Light. Remove noise in the interior. Realistic caustic in Redshift.

In this video, I'm talking about Portal Light in Redshift. On how to deal with noise in the interior and about the fast rendering of realistic caustics. About Redshift Environment map and Dome Light, as well as Back-Plate and Ray-Switch modes. About adjusting caustic details using Caustic Search Radius.

Fur creation in Ornatrix Maya.MASH scatter and creation of crushed grass. Arnold Render Maya.

In this tutorial - I show the creation of twisted hairstyle, eyebrows, eyelashes, fur in Ornatrix Maya.I show the use of Maya MASH for the scattering of grass, the final settings of Arnold Render for the rendering of fur and the render on our farm

Convert a scene from Vray to Corona Renderer. Corona Hair and Corona Skin materials.

In this video I show the conversion of a scene from Vray to Corona Renderer. Adjusting the Corona Hair and Corona Skin material, editing the normal map and rendering on our farm.

Creature concept in 3D-Coat. Skin in the Substance painter. Ornatrix fur. Vray render.

In this video I show the process of creating a creature concept in 3D Coat, its retopology and UV unwrap, setting up a scene in Vray, drawing masks in Mudbox to create fur with Ornatrix, setting up a skin shader in the Substance Painter, creating eyelashes, eyebrows and hairstyles in Ornatrix, grass with ForestPack and the final rendering in Vray on our farm

Redshift ligth types. Physical light and IES. Volume light in Redshift.

In this tutoriak I'm talking about the types of the light sources in Redshift. I show Redshift Physical Light and IES. I'm talking about volumetric lighting and sampling for him. I show the Gobo effect and the projection of caustics and shadows from the image. I conduct a test render with a Volume Light from IES on the GeForce GT 1030, and on the our farm - on 1 * GTX 980Ti and 4 * GTX 1080Ti

Environment Creation 1.2. SpeedTree Cinema 8 leaves. HandDrawing mode. Megascans leaves.

In this lesson we will learn how to add leaves, edit them with a special editor. Make your meshes of leaves from the Megascans texture. Customize low and highpoly geometry for them. Will learn how to draw trees in HandDrawing mode.