Hello everyone! I created this blog to post the all my 3d turorials which I make for free on my youtube channel.

All of them is absolutely free.
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Redshift hair and skin material. The geometry of the eye and the lacrimal part. Brunette and pink

Redshift Render tutorial about skin and hair materials settings. In this video we will talk about the geometry of the eye, the lacrimal part and the anterior chamber of the eye. About lighting settings and different shades for hair. And also about how all the same to make a variety in color for transfer of a realistic shade.

World Creator 2. Texturing the landscape and texture settings.

A lesson about World Creator 2. Part 7.

In this video, let's talk about texturing a landscape and all its settings, as well as their effect on textures.

Teya Conceptor. Introduction About the magic plane and kitbash. About how to get the beta for free.

Teya Conceptor - program for modeling in a few seconds from Arseny Korablev.

Paint with brushes from a huge library, make your own from your models and use Teya in your work with other programs.

In this video we will talk about the interface of the program, the change of hot keys and the size of the interface. I will also tell you how to get Teya Beta for free and demonstrate the work of Arseny Korablev, in which creation he used Teya. I will show the all power of the magic plane and kitbash.

Ornatrix Maya. Clump modifier. Braid Guides and External Clump Strands. Moov physics and Lucid.

Ornatrix Braid workflow in Maya. Part 3.

In this video we will continue to talk about the reasons for use Maya. I'll show you some cool features of Clumper and BraidGuides.

Phoenix FD. Simulation of water, milk, beer and coffee. Render on V-Ray.Cloud.

Phoenix FD is a powerful tool for VFX simulations from the ChaosGroup.

In this video we will talk about simulations - water, beer, milk and coffee, as well as a V-Ray.Cloud render and prices there.

Zbrush Zmodeler. Zmodeler Brush. Polygon Actions - Add to curve. Bevel and Bridge.

Zmodeler is a new brush that has appeared in Zbrush since version 4r7. This brush adds the ability to model directly in Zbrush.

In this video, I'll show you the tools for working with polygons — Add To Curve, Bevel, and Bridge.

Export EXR file from 3D-Coat to create a brush in Quixel Mixer. Texturing an asset.

In this video, we’ll continue the discussion about creating a special EXR file for exporting to Quixel Mixer and getting a brush for a sculpture from it. And also I'll demonstrate a complex asset, on which we will work in the following parts.

Railclone interface. Style Editor and Curve Steps option. Railclone object creation.

In this video we will talk about how to create a Railclone object. I’ll show the Railclone interface and the settings, and also talk about a few important options that will come in handy at the beginning.

Painting in 3D-Coat. Render without UV and retopology in V-Ray. Polybrush workflow

In this video we will talk about how to paint a model in 3D-Coat by using PBR and then render it in V-Ray - without UV and retopology. And also at the end of the video there will be a Making of bonus with Polybrush and in the next part - a render in Corona Renderer.